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Thinking about moving to the Sunshine State? You're not alone. Close to 1000 people move to Florida every single day. But, Florida isn't for everyone and it's estimated that 50% of all retirees move back to their original home state.

Fear Not! You arrived to the Best Florida Relocation Guide on the Internet. We have information that will guide you in making a smart move to Florida and assist you in finding relocation specialists to make your move easier.




Here you will find information regarding all State Information including information on taxes, establishing residency, obtaining your drivers license, Florida Real Estate whether you're building a new home or buying an existing resale home.

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Florida Chambers of Commerce are the best organizations to contact to obtain helpful area information.  Some chambers offer free information packets, others charge a small fee. But, the information included in these packets will save you more than the initial cost.  Every county has at least one, while others have one for every major area of interest, and some more than one.

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Learn everything there is to know about Florida State Tax! Including all Sales Tax, Tangible Tax and Intangible Tax.

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Find every newspaper that is currently available in Florida. Great for people seeking current events and classified ads.

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One of the most important things when moving is who you choose to move your valuables and furniture and what you need to know when moving your home.

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Golf is a huge game which is played in the state of Florida. Need a quick way to find the nearest Golf Course near your home?

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